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Victor Kasteel - Art Dealer & Art Recovery Specialist

Victor runs Orion Art Recovery, a branch of his highly successful Art Masters Inc. If a painting is lost or stolen, his firm is the one to recover it
- even if it means he has to bend the rules.

Van Gogh Self-Portrait Chicago Art Institute

Plot Synopsis

When a page from Hitler’s art photo albums reveals that a Van Gogh triptych was once Nazi plunder, the race to find the three-paneled work – estimated at a billion dollars – heats up. There’s only one catch: to uncover the next clues requires stealing a Masterpiece from Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.

Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam


Victor has one last, desperate chance to rescue his friends and find the Triptych first. The trail of secrets leads the team through Europe’s murky wartime past across France, Germany and the Republic of Moldova

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Kröller-Müller Museum

Otterlo, Netherlands

In preparation to write this book, I flew to Holland to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam on three separate occasions. On one such trek, I saw the forested grounds and the isolated museum of Kroller-Mueller. Captivated by the swirling morning mist hanging in the boughs of the cedars, I felt inspired. I pictured a world-class thief working her magic to liberate a Van Gogh.

The Sower - Kröller-Müller Museum FVH2007